Mom's poem

I saw a woman pushing another woman in a wheel chair. The woman in the wheel chair said that she did not want her daughter to have to push her around. Her daughter said I love you Mom and you go where ever I go. Made me think how much I love my Mom and how other people love their Mom’s. So I wrote this poem.


When I was born
torn from the magic world
crying so loud
You gave me breakfast
you held my hands

When young and so free
letting me be me
when ever tears fell
cooking me breakfast
you held my hands

When a soldier coming home
I screamed at night
you told me everything would be all right
You cooked me breakfast
you reached across the table
held my hand

When a successful man
wanting to give
you told me
you are why I live
you cooked me breakfast
and while I ate
you held my hand

I see you cannot walk
we drink coffee
you like to talk
we cook breakfast
I reach across the table
We hold hands

I cook you breakfast
I help you move
I sit you down
I try to not be sad
I reach across the table
we hold hands

There you are
you might be dead
but I always know
I shall not be alone
Mom is always
Holding my hand