Where I am right now

So,  I am here at 50

Never a love

Seems my life is empty

Cue the mourning dove

Am I too independent?

Am I selfish with time?

To never have a love

Does not rhyme

What have I done?

With my time

No memories unwind

For I lived a life

Of solitude

Yet I miss someone

I can smell her scent

I dream of her

Old dreams are sent

To my mind

But is it meant

To be a dream

And it seems

Not reality

For I am an island

Strong and tough

A rock

Yet it would

Be nice

To have a love

Cue the mourning dove

Yet I feel her

Her alabaster skin

Her sweet voice

It never ends

What shall I do?

The morning dew

Draws near

And I fear

I shall never know

My love